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Mold opening custom X ray hand  switch

Author:Jamy    Time:5月 11, 2020

From 0 to 24 May on May 10, there were no new confirmed imported cases in the province. As of 24:00 on May 10, the province has reported a total of 19 confirmed cases imported from abroad, and 13 cases have been cured and discharged (7 cases in Jilin City, 2 cases in Yanbian Prefecture, 3 cases in Changchun City, and 1 case in Meihekou City). 6 cases were treated (5 cases in Jilin City and 1 case in Changchun City). There were 307 close contacts of confirmed cases imported from abroad, 231 medical observations have been released, and 76 medical observations are being conducted in designated locations.
From 0 to 24 May on May 10, there were 3 newly confirmed local cases (Jilin City) in the province, one of which was transferred from asymptomatic infection to a confirmed case. As of 24 o’clock on May 10, the province has reported a total of 108 locally diagnosed cases, a total of 92 cases were cured and discharged, 15 cases were treated in isolation (15 cases in Jilin City), and 1 case died. At present, there are 276 close contacts of locally diagnosed cases, all of whom are isolated and observed in designated places.
From 0 to 24 May on May 10, there were no new asymptomatic infections in the province. As of 24:00 on May 10, the province has reported a total of 8 cases of asymptomatic infections (6 imported), of which 4 cases have been corrected as confirmed cases, 1 case was released from quarantine medical observation, and 3 cases are currently asymptomatic infections.
Remind the general public that the current situation of “external defense input, internal defense rebound” is still grim. It is necessary to further raise awareness of prevention, do personal protection, and protect the health of yourself and your family. Once acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough occur, you should go to a local designated medical institution to get a fever clinic in time.

Customers claim that they have another project that needs to use X ray hand  switches, but feel that our L01 type X ray hand switch is not the most beautiful appearance. Ask if you can customize other appearance hand brakes? Reporting that the cost of mold opening and customization is very high, you can send him the other second-grade national L04 X ray hand  switch of our company to look at it again.

Regarding the customization of hand brake mold opening, they need to provide drawings or samples. We will do it according to their requirements. If it is only for their own use, the mold cost is about * ten thousand. If it can also be used by other customers, the price is about * About 10,000, customers mean that this price is not cheap, they also have their own mold manufacturers, the price is not so expensive. Informed that the price of customized products is related to the quality and quantity of products. The client said that they still have plans to open the mold, and then discuss the specific requirements with the company in detail. Please call us for details!

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