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First X ray hand switch for dental use

Author:Jamy    Time:5月 12, 2020

On May 11, a number of loss-making customers in the crude oil trading position said that they had received a compensation of 20% of the principal of the Bank of China’s position, and basically arrived on the next day after signing the contract, earlier than the agreed time. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that some customers received compensation from BOC in the early hours of May 6.

On the afternoon of May 5th, many “crude oil treasure” investors received a call from the Bank of China and informed that they could go to the outlets to interview the settlement plan. The solution given by the Bank of China is: the negative price part of the losses shall be borne by oneself, and the investor will not be reimbursed, and at the same time, 20% of the cost of opening the position will be compensated. Some investors signed a settlement with the Bank of China on the same day.Investor Xiao Zhong said that he received a phone call from the outlet on the afternoon of May 5 and arrived at the scene at about 5 o’clock. At that time, the bank’s rolling shutter door had been pulled down, and six employees received him in an office. After the other party introduced the compensation plan, Xiaozhong suspected that the 20% ratio was too low, and felt that customers who dragged behind would get more, and the first reaction was that they were unwilling to sign. A staff member assured him: “If you later know that someone has received more than 20% of the compensation, and how much they have, we will also compensate you.” Xiao Zhong felt that the other party’s words also made sense and signed. The agreement that the other party gave him already had the printed amount. After he signed, the staff filled in the time after three days in the agreed arrival date. Who knows that at 6:30 in the morning on May 6, Xiao Zhong got up and found that the money arrived at 4 in the morning. His previous investment amount was about 25,000 yuan, and more than 5,200 were received, the same as the number on the agreement.
There were also investors who signed the contract on May 9. At that time, the bank staff also filled in the days after the arrival date for three days, saying that they could arrive within three working days. As a result, the money arrived the next day.

12.18 Liaoning ** C Manager of Electronic Technology consulted the X ray hand switch. The specific information was sent to me through WeChat. It is a picture of a hand brake for dental use. The request is that there is no grade in one file. Press the button to turn on. Turn on and off, and then equipped with led and buzzer. The annual purchase volume is 1,000, and his users are from the north. It is said that the existing hand brake buzzer has a problem.
Ask the customer why the buzzer must be installed inside the hand brake? The internal space of the X ray hand switch is very small, and it is not convenient to install inside. You can install the buzzer inside the machine, so that the hand brake does not need to be changed. The customer claims that this is also a way to negotiate with the user.
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