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Material of wireless reed switch

Author:Abby    Time:10月 07, 2018

The material of the wireless reed switch is ABS engineering plastic shell, ABS engineering plastic is PC + ABS (engineering plastic alloy), in the chemical industry Chinese name is plastic alloy, so named PC + ABS, because this material not only has the excellent heat resistance and weathering resistance of PC resin, dimensional stability and impact resistance, but also has excellent ABS resin. Processing fluidity. Therefore, the application of thin-walled and complex shape products, can maintain its excellent performance, and maintain the plastics and an ester composition of the material formability. The biggest drawback of ABS engineering plastics is heavy quality and poor thermal conductivity. The molding temperature is 240 – 265 degrees between the two raw materials. ABS will decompose when the temperature is too high, and the fluidity of PC material is too low.
The ABS material wireless reed switch has a longer service life, and is safe to use, non conductive and beautiful in appearance.
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