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How does the X ray exposure hand switch help you stay away from X-rays?

Author:Alina    Time:11月 30, 2018

Newheek X-ray exposure hand switch helps doctors and radiologists stay away from X-ray hazards. Why do you say that?
Consider this from a doctor’s or radiologist’s point of view. Although a patient’s X-ray diagnosis and treatment will not cause cancer, what about doctors and radiologists who use X-ray machines for a long time? Instead of stopping using it once, they spend eight hours a day using X-ray machines for X-ray treatment of patients.
Which X-ray machine is suitable for the x ray exposure hand switch?pushbutton switch
In terms of professional theory, how many doses does the average person receive per year? According to the recommendation of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) for short, the radiation limit for the general public should not exceed 5 millisieverts (msv) = (5,000 microsivers (musv) per person per year. 。 According to this calculation, about 200 dental intraoral X-ray images per person can be accepted annually. However, dentists work on more than 200 oral X-rays.
So Newheek 1-step X ray exposure hand switch L05 and L06 designed specifically for dentistry can help you solve this problem. Because Newheek X ray exposure hand switch can make coil length according to the needs of dentists. In this way, when X-ray exposure hand switch is used, doctors can avoid the harm of receiving X-rays and reduce the intake of X-rays.
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