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1-step X ray exposure hand switch for dental x ray machine

Author:Alina    Time:11月 30, 2018

Newheek X-ray exposure hand switch for dental X-ray machine. But the most suitable one is Newheek 1-step X-ray exposure hand switch L05 and L06. First understand dental X-ray. The application of X-ray in dentistry is very important. Because of oral and facial areas, most tissues and diseases are found where they are invisible to the naked eye.
Therefore, without the help of X-ray, we can not make a good diagnosis and make appropriate treatment plan. Since the discovery of X-ray in 1895, people have gradually found that X-ray has adverse effects on human body. This is not only a personal problem, but also a family, a society and even a human problem.
Therefore, with the increase of modern dental diseases and the progress of dental care, the frequency and quantity of X-ray have increased dramatically. We must have a good understanding of the basic knowledge of X-ray and dental radiation hygiene so that dentists, patients and technicians can get the lowest dose to achieve the maximum diagnostic effect.
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Here’s our Newheek 1-step X ray exposure hand switch L06 specification
Properties: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name: Newheek
Product Name: X-ray exposure hand switch
Model Number: L06 X ray exposure hand switch with cradle
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Application: X ray machine
Function: One step to control dental x ray exposure
Current: 3A
Housing materials: ABS plastic
Operation voltage: 125V
Standard core: 2 core
Standard Length: 6m wire (60cm spring coil wire)
Mechanical life: 1,000,000 times
Electric life: 200,000 times
Structure: Omron inner switch
Customization: Available

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