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Foot switch used in high frequency machine

Author:Abby    Time:February 15, 2019

Both x ray foot switch and hand brake switch can control high frequency X-ray machine. High frequency machine is better than power frequency X-ray machine. The use of high frequency X-ray machine has the following advantages: low skin dose, high imaging quality, high imaging quality, real-time control, small volume and light weight of high voltage transformer. High frequency machine can also achieve ultra-short exposure and facilitate intellectualization.
Foot switch used in high frequency machine
The use of high frequency machine makes up for many unavoidable weaknesses of power high frequency machine: 1. huge volume and weight; 2. large ripple coefficient of output waveform, unstable X-ray dose, more soft rays; 3. poor accuracy and repeatability of exposure parameters.
Foot switch used in high frequency machine

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