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Do you know the structure of the ray foot

Author:Abby    Time:2月 15, 2019

Do you know the structure of the ray foot
X ray foot switch is now widely used in life, very common, but do you know its structure? The ray foot we are talking about here is mainly medical pedal switch. It is mainly used to control C-arm and medical perspective.
The structure of ray foot is composed of upper cover, pedal, pedal and micro-switch. The pedal is pivoted with pedal. A micro-switch is set in the pedal. There is an automatic reset push rod between pedal and micro-switch. The push rod is facing the micro-switch button. The push rod is pushed forward and pushed to the button by the pedal. The push rod is automatically reset by loosening the pedal push rod and the button is automatically reset. The structure of ray foot is simple. Only by pedaling or loosening pedal, the purpose of switching circuit or breaking circuit can be achieved, and the switching sensitivity can be achieved.
Do you know the structure of the ray foot

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