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Fault analysis of the mobile holder button

Author:Glinda    Time:1月 08, 2019

Mobile holder button controls static imaging. In many cases, the X-ray machine cannot be exposed suddenly and the X-ray hand switch fails.
Newheek summarized a lot of analysis on the cause of the failure of the mobile holder button. First of all, due to the long-term use of mobile holder button will appear contact oxidation, poor contact phenomenon. Mobile holder button will not spring up when it is pressed in first or second gear.
Fault analysis of the mobile holder button
Secondly, the mobile holder button will break the shift lever.The root of the mobile holder button will be disconnected due to a long time of pulling, and the second gear cannot be exposed. Due to the thin copper wire diameter of the mobile holder button, the hand brake will be burnt off due to excessive current.
In order to avoid wasting too much time, delay the timely treatment of patients.Therefore, some problems can be solved by ourselves as long as we carefully study and analyze its working principle.
When you are really unable to solve the situation, you can contact us Newheek.
Newheek mobile holder button adopts mechanical lever drive, and the switch component adopts OMRON micro switch, with longer service life and higher sensitivity.
Our mobile holder button is divided into many types and models, and can provide you with quality testing services. Meet your different needs.

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