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Are you using the wireless remote correctly?

Author:Abby    Time:1月 10, 2019

 Are you using the wireless remote correctly
Some customers think that the use of X-ray exposure hand switch is very simple, and they will not protect the wireless remote when using the wireless remote. Normally, when you press the first gear of the wireless remote, the DR device starts to heat the bulb filament and prepares for the complete exposure of the second gear in a scorching state of about 2,000 degrees. But in this process, if the first gear is pressed and the second gear is not pressed continuously, the tube will be heated continuously, which will directly lead to the high temperature of the tube and affect the life of the tube. Therefore, the patient should be prepared before pressing the wireless remote, the medical staff should adjust the position of the film, press the wireless remote continuously during exposure, complete the whole exposure process quickly, and end the exposure. After that, the filament temperature immediately drops to protect the filament.
 Are you using the wireless remote correctly

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