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European customers consult hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:August 04, 2021

There are European customers inquiring about the hand switch, which is also called the exposure hand switch. The hand switch is a switch that controls the exposure of the X-ray machine for static filming and imaging.
There are several kinds of hand brake switches, which are divided into first gear, second gear and third gear according to the switch position. What the customer consulted was that the plug of the L01 type two-speed hand switch switch is a crystal plug 4pin. This switch is an internal double-knob and double-micro switch design, with low operating sound, sealed design, and sweating does not affect the service life of internal parts. But this kind of switch is small in size and suitable for Asians, so he recommended the L04 type, which is also a two-speed switch. The larger size is suitable for Europeans, and it is Omron’s internal switch design. In addition to the above advantages, there are more Durable, longer life advantage.
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