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Does the DR machine expose radiation when the handbrake is pressed?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:4月 06, 2022

DR still belongs to the category of X-ray imaging technology, so DR will definitely have X-ray ionizing radiation
If you press the exposure handbrake, there will also be radiation, but the X-ray dose of DR is very small, quite
Less than 2% of the X-ray dose in ordinary chest X-rays. The DR diagnostic technology is to penetrate the human body
The X-ray information is converted into digital signals, and then post-processed by the computer to complete the image reconstruction technology.
It has a very high resolution, which can make the image very clear, used for clinical diagnosis, and more
Importantly, DR imaging takes only a few seconds to complete, the radiation time to the patient is very short,
So the damage is very small and very safe.
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