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Common Faults of Exposure Handbrake Switch of Digital X-ray Machine

Author:Lillian    Time:May 27, 2021

The exposure hand switch is mainly used to control the exposure of various X-ray machines, and the manual switch is used to control the exposure of still images. In many cases, the X-ray machine suddenly fails to expose because of the malfunction of the exposure hand switch. We at Newheek summarized many reasons for manual switching.
First of all, long-term use of the exposure manual switch will cause contact oxidation and poor contact. When the manual switch is in gear or second gear, one of the gear switches will not rotate. Secondly, the phenomenon that the shaft breaks at the manual switch. At the base of the manual switch, long-term pulling at the base will cause the wire at the base to break, thereby keeping the second gear closed. Since all the wires on the manual switch are thin copper wires with a small diameter, when the current is too high, the wires of the manual switch will burn. In order to avoid wasting too much time, the timely treatment of the patient was delayed. As long as we carefully study and analyze the working principle of the failure, we can solve some failures by ourselves. If it cannot be repaired, only a new one can be purchased to replace it.
Our exposure hand switch adopts a double micro-action and double-knob design, and the switch component adopts an OMRON micro-switch, which has a longer service life and higher sensitivity. The hand switch is divided into wired and wireless manual switches, which can meet your different needs. If you are interested, please contact us!


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