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American customers inquire about exposure handswitchs

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:7月 28, 2022

An American customer saw the exposure handswitch advertised by our company on the website of Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and sent an email consultation. The customer said that he wanted a certain brand of X-ray machine with an exposure handbrake switch.
Through investigation, we learned that the client is a home-delivery service unit in the United States, providing door-to-door service for patients in need. As long as an appointment is made by phone, the client will bring X-ray machines and other testing equipment to the patient’s home for inspection, and then the test results will be fed back to the patient. Or the doctor designated by the patient, which is convenient for the patients with limited mobility to seek medical treatment, saves the time of the patient going to the hospital for medical treatment, and reduces the pressure on the hospital and the doctor. From this, it is inferred that the customer is using a mobile or portable X-ray machine and a 2-speed exposure handbrake. We will reply to the email to confirm whether it is used for maintenance and replacement. We can provide a replaceable exposure handbrake.
Our company not only provides 2-speed exposure handswitch, but also 1-speed dental handswitch and 3-speed handswitch, if necessary, please call for consultation.

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