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1-step hand brake switch suitable for dental x ray machine

Author:Abby    Time:2月 23, 2019

Dental X-ray machine is divided into dental film machine and oral panoramic x ray machine. Dental X-ray machine type can use a X-ray exposure hand switch. Next, we introduce the oral and maxillofacial panoramic x ray machine.
1-step hand brake switch suitable for dental x ray machine
Oral and maxillofacial panoramic x ray machine is designed and manufactured according to the principle of X-ray curved surface tomography. It uses special X-ray tube for dentistry, with small focus and clear image. Exposure is controlled by hand brake switch. The maxillofacial panoramic photography can be taken at one time. The maxillary, sinus, nasal cavity, mandibular structure and all 32 teeth can be seen in the maxillofacial panoramic photography, and the temporal lobe, mandibular joint and occlusal relationship can also be seen. When used for oral and maxillofacial panoramic photography, rotational exposure takes 16.5 seconds at one time, and motor lifting is used. It is suitable for people of different heights and can also be used Surgery and extrafacial and facial surgery are widely used.
1-step hand brake switch suitable for dental x ray machine

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