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X-ray switch for C-arm

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:8月 23, 2018

X ray switch is suitable for the type C arm X-ray machine, C – arm host can support multiple wireless transmission image processing system (workstation). According to the number of hospital operation, only need to increase the “wireless” image processing system (workstation), to meet the increasing number of the surgery, and reduce duplication of investment at the hospital..1280 x 1024 (13 megapixels) full digital image chain.

Laser positioning: accurate positioning during operation, positioning before fluorescence to avoid repeated exposure.One person operates independently, complete the c arm movement, and complete the exposure through the X ray 2 button switch.Automatic dose fluoroscopy: automatically setting and optimizing the light dose according to the density of human tissue.The larger c-arm openings are easy to operate.Oil cooling + efficient and active water cooling ensures long term operation of the bulb.

Newheek L01 X ray 2 button switch for handheld switch, is equipped with two grade switches to press the button, loosen or broken, press the button to the first steps Ⅰ steps through, all press Ⅱ steps through, now Ⅰ steps remain on state, hand switch is equipped with a fixed holoder.The switch assembly adopts “OMRON” micro switch, with longer service life and higher sensitivity.X ray exposure hand switch can be used to control the on-off of electrical signals, photographic equipment and medical diagnostic machine photographic exposure.

hand switch L01 4-core 30cm-coil-wire rj11 connector

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