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X-ray hand switch US law enforcement uses tear gas to disperse protesters

Author:Jamy    Time:June 03, 2020

Overseas.com, June 2nd Before the curfew on June 1, local time, American protesters launched a peaceful demonstration near the White House in Washington. Federal law enforcement used tear gas and rubber bullets and sent military helicopters to disperse the protesters. On the morning of the 2nd, US President Trump tweeted to declare victory, saying that there was “no problem” in Washington, DC on the evening of the 1st.
Trump wrote in a tweet: “Last night there was no problem in Washington, DC, many people were arrested, all were doing well, (this is) an overwhelming force, this is control. Similarly, Minneapolis Liz is also great (thank you President Trump!)” According to reports, protests by African-American men killed by police violent law enforcement continued to spread, and Washington, where the federal government is located, is no exception. On the evening of May 29 local time, the United States Secret Service ordered an emergency blockade of the White House because there were people protesting outside the White House. On June 1st, Mayor Bowser of Washington announced that due to the escalation of violent demonstrations on the evening of May 31st, curfews will continue to be implemented on the evening of June 1st and 2nd. During the curfew, except for medical workers, media and other important industry workers, all citizens are not allowed to go out, but many people still violate the regulations.
During the conference call on June 1, Trump called on the governors to take stronger measures to quell the demonstrations during the call with the governors of the states. At the press conference that day, Trump stated that if violent demonstrations continue, he will “use force.” “If any city or state does not want to use the necessary means to protect people’s lives and property, I will use military force to help them solve the problem quickly.”


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