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X ray hand switch common failures

Author:Glinda    Time:11月 22, 2018

The x ray hand switch is an important part of the X-ray machine. The wire X-ray hand switch allows the medical X-ray machine to prepare and expose by manually pressing down the gear of the medical X-ray machine (usually the medical X-ray machine has two gears, that is, first and second gears).
However, in the long-term use of x ray hand switch, there are frequent failures. For this, we summarize several common failures of x ray hand switch
1. X ray hand switch will appear contact oxidation and bad contact after long-time use.
2. X ray hand switch may fail to pop up in one gear or two.
3. The x ray hand switch will break the gear lever.
4. The root of x ray hand switch will open the wire at the root due to prolonged pulling, thus preventing the exposure of the second switch.
5. Because all the X-ray hand switch wires are copper thin and have a thin wire diameter, the X-ray hand switch wires are broken due to high current.
X ray hand switch common failures
Newheek x ray hand switch is split into three.Subdivided into six models.Moreover, our X-ray hand switch adopts mechanical press lever drive, and the switch component adopts “OMRON” micro switch, with longer service life and higher sensitivity.Moreover, the spring wire of our X-ray hand switch can be equipped with 3 meters 3 cores, 3 meters 4 cores, 6 meters 3 cores, 6 meters 4 cores, 6 meters 6 cores, and 10 meters 3 cores. The length of the spring wire can be customized according to the customer’s demand.
Newheek x ray hand switch can meet your different purchasing needs.

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