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X-ray hand switch can be used for special customized infusion carts

Author:Lillian    Time:6月 23, 2021

Some time ago, engineers called NEWHEEK and asked about the X-ray hand switch. They wanted to install it in the infusion cart. Customers have seen pictures of X-ray hand switchs from NEWHEEK’s website. There are currently many models of X-ray hand switchs, so they want to buy them for testing. He chose LO3 X-X-ray hand switch. Because the LO3X-ray hand switch looks better, it is told that the green button on the X-ray hand switch is the switch for controlling the collimator, and they may not use this function. Because of this special function, the price of this X-ray hand switchis more expensive than the traditional one, and the pictures and product parameters of L01, L02, L03, L04, L05, L06 X-ray hand switchs are sent to the customer. The customer finally bought L01 type 4C3M X-ray hand switch. They need to conduct a test to check its effectiveness, and the X-ray hand switch has been shipped to the address specified by the customer.
A month later, I asked the customer about the test results of the XX-ray hand switch. The customer said that their equipment rack has not been completed and there is no accurate result yet. If there is a result, please contact me. Two months later, the customer said that the XX-ray hand switch test was very good and wanted to buy a few more. Because we need to match them with the equipment first and then leave the factory, we need our company to provide Rohs and life test reports. Rohs, CE and test reports have been sorted and sent to customers. Dear users, if you need to use X-ray hand switchs on your equipment, please remember to call us!

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