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X-ray hand switch and foot switch respectively correspond to point film or perspective

Author:Lillian    Time:8月 30, 2021

Do you know that the X-ray hand switch and the foot switch correspond to the point film or the perspective?
Today I will study with everyone:
X-ray hand brake switch refers to the X-ray hand brake switch specially used for X-ray machine, mainly to control X-ray exposure. Exposure hand brake can keep people away from the radiation of X-ray machine, especially doctors and people who are exposed to X-ray for a long time. After the X-ray hand switch switch, the radiation can be reduced to a minimum, which will give people who have been exposed to X-ray machines for a long time to have a certain degree of protection. X-ray hand switch switches are mainly used in application X-ray machines, industrial X-ray machines and animal X-ray machine used.
After reading the above content, everyone knows that the X-ray hand switch corresponds to the point film.
About the foot switch refers to the X-ray foot switch, also known as the X-ray foot switch, which can facilitate the exposure state of the operator during the operation and can be used for fluoroscopy.
After finishing speaking here, everyone knows that the X-ray hand switch and foot switch respectively correspond to dots or perspective. If you have any needs, please call us.

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