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Working principle of medical exposure hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:7月 29, 2023

The medical exposure hand switch is a device used to control the medical X-ray exposure device, mainly used to control the time and intensity of exposure. It works like this:
Control circuit: There will be a control circuit inside the medical exposure hand switch, which can communicate with the medical X-ray exposure device. Through this control circuit, the hand switch can send a signal to the exposure device to control its work.
Switch mechanism: The main function of the medical exposure hand switch is to control the start and end of exposure. There is usually a button or lever on the hand switch. When the operator presses the button or toggles the lever, the hand switch will send a start signal to the exposure device to start the exposure.
Exposure time control: In addition to controlling the start and end of exposure, the medical exposure hand switch can also be used to adjust the exposure time. There is usually an adjustment knob on the hand switch, and the operator can control the duration of the exposure by adjusting the position of the knob.
Signal transmission: The medical exposure hand switch usually uses wireless Bluetooth technology or a wired connection to communicate with the exposure device. The wireless bluetooth hand switch can transmit wirelessly with the exposure device through wireless signals, while the wired hand switch needs to be connected with the exposure device through a cable.
Generally speaking, the medical exposure hand switch communicates with the medical X-ray exposure device through the control circuit, and controls the exposure process through the switch mechanism and exposure time adjustment. According to the operation of the hand switch, the exposure device will perform exposure processing accordingly.
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