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Wireless hand switch research and development background

Author:Alina    Time:12月 11, 2018

At present, medical X-ray machines mainly use two kinds of exposure control hand switch methods: traditional robot brake and remote hand switch (such as infrared remote control).
The conventional manipulator brake manually depresses the position of the medical X-ray machine (usually the medical X-ray machine has two gears, the first and the second), so the medical X-ray machine prepares and exposes (ie, emits X-rays). The disadvantage is that the first and second gears are easily damaged and have a short service life. In addition, the control of the medical X-ray machine is limited by the hand brake cable due to the wired connection of the robot brake.
The remote hand switch device uses a device similar to a television remote controller and controls the device of the medical X-ray machine using a button mounted on the medical X-ray machine and a button of the remote hand brake device. It may fall off and age after prolonged use. Damage; the remote control adopts infrared mode, good directivity and poor penetrating power; more importantly, the remote handbrake device can only control the gear position of the medical X-ray machine in one direction, but cannot accept medical treatment. X-ray machine feedback. More importantly, it is necessary to customize the exposure time of different medical X-ray machines, and it is impossible to adaptively control the timing of different medical X-ray machines regardless of the robot hand brake or the remote hand brake. Compatible controls and use the same controls for a variety of manufacturers and types of medical X-ray machines.
X ray exposure hand switch performance advantages
Let me introduce you to the new wireless hand switch developed by Newheek.
Wireless Hand Switch for C-arm, U-arm, G-arm, Portable, Dental, Mobile X Ray.
Newheek wireless hand switch is designed for use with different x-ray system, includes c-arm, u-arm, mobile, portable, suspending, DR, dental etc x ray
Machine. Its function like the original wired hand switch, but wireless. It protects the operator far away radiation safely.
 Compatible with different x ray systems
 Full-duplex bluetooth design ensure security, safety and reliable
 Encrypted transmission
 Easy install and maintain
 One year full replacement warranty
 CE & Rohs approved
If you want to know more about our Newheek wireless hand switch, please contact our customer service.

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