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Author:Jamy    Time:5月 20, 2020

(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) “Nature” published the latest research, said that SARS cured antibodies can inhibit New Coronavirus
China News Service, Beijing, May 19 (Reporter Sun Zifa) An international immunology research paper published by the international journal “Nature” stated that antibodies isolated from SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) cured patients can Effectively block the infectivity of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).
Natural scientific research released a press release to the media on the 19th, saying that antibodies that can neutralize the new coronavirus help to develop antiviral therapies or vaccines. The newly published proof-of-concept study shows that the use of monoclonal antibodies may be a method to control the new coronavirus. But the press release also reminded that this study did not carry out any human trials.
Antibodies are produced by the immune system in response to foreign substances that invade the body. Monoclonal antibodies can target a specific protein (antigen) of a pathogen. The spike proteins on the new coronavirus and SARS-associated coronavirus help the virus enter human cells, and the identification of monoclonal antibodies that can target these spike proteins may help treat or prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

Features of wireless x ray hand switch:

  1. Full dual mode of Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, reliable connection and outstanding wall penetration performance.
  2. The battery has no power and the indicator flashes when the Bluetooth connection is bad.
  3. Two-level output mode developed for the characteristics of radioactive workpieces.
  4. Convenient and easy-to-use slide rail fixing method and three-way relay contact output.
  5. The control method can be customized according to customer requirements.
  6. Description of the receiving end of the wireless x ray hand switch:


LED light 1 (red) Turn on the internal circuit to power on, when the power is supplied to the receiving end, this LED light will light up.

LED light 2 (blue) Bluetooth connection indicator light The LED light flashes, indicating that it is not connected.

Fast blinking, indicating that the Bluetooth connection is in progress.

Off, indicating that the Bluetooth connection is successful and is in a low-power state.

The picture of our wireless x ray hand switch is as follows: please call us for details.


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