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Wireless bluetooth hand switch Special hand switch for remote control transformation

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:October 17, 2020

Recently, a township hospital said that they have a Wandong DR filming device in their hand switch. If they want to make a remote control transformation, they want to change the existing line hand switch to a wireless hand switch. In view of this situation, our wireless Bluetooth handpiece is recommended. Gate (as shown in the figure below), add WeChat to send data, because the customer is the end user, he does not understand which gate is the first gear, which is the second gear, it is very simple, you can test it with a multimeter, very It is easy to distinguish between the first gear and the second gear. I really don’t understand it. Find an electrician to test it. As long as you understand the circuit, you will connect it.
On the third day, I visited the customer and asked about the progress of the purchase of the wireless hand switch. The customer asked when our company could be installed at the door. This kind of simple accessory was not installed at the door. The installation of the hand switch was very simple. If it would not be installed It is recommended to find an engineer to install at that time. Our technicians can provide telephone guidance during the installation. The customer said that the distance of 10 meters feels a bit close. The 10 meters is within the normal range of use. This distance is enough. The customer means 10 meters is a bit close, it feels not safe. After all, there is radiation. It is reported that the X-ray machine is in the protective room. There is basically no radiation outside the wall. This is safe and can be used safely. Besides, the doctor is also outside the wall. It is impossible to operate too far away, it is convenient to watch the patient’s situation at any time. Most of this wireless Bluetooth hand switch switch is exported, and the performance and quality of the product can be assured. If you buy it, you will never be disappointed. After all, we are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience.
Wireless bluetooth hand switch Special hand switch for remote control transformation

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