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Will the exposure hand switch produce radiation during DR filming inspection?

Author:Lillian    Time:3月 29, 2021

Recently, a customer has called to inquire whether the exposure hand switch will produce radiation. Today I will talk to you. The popular point of the exposure hand switch is just a switch. The opening and closing of the control circuit will not generate radiation by itself. When exposure is required At that time, press the button of the hand switch, the high-voltage generator of the first gear receives the electric signal, the generator and the bulb enter the pre-exposure state, and the bulb filament is preheated. When the 2nd gear is pressed, the high-voltage generator generates high pressure and sends it to the tube, and the tube generates radiation to complete the exposure work.
As long as the X-ray machine, DR, etc. do not press the hand switch, no radiation will be generated even if the device is turned on. Only when the hand switch is pressed will the radiation pass through the tube.
Through the popularization of the editor, I believe that everyone knows the principle of X-ray machine and exposure hand brake switch to produce radiation. If you also have the need for exposure hand brake switch, welcome to inquire and discuss cooperation, and people from all walks of life are welcome to inquire and discuss supporting production and maintenance. Replacement, agency trade and other matters.

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