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Why domestic hand brakes are cheap

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:4月 14, 2023

The hand switch is a switch device used to control the exposure state of the X-ray machine. According to the different types of X-ray machines used, the hand switch is mainly divided into two different types: one gear and two gears.
The first hand switch is mainly used on small X-ray machines, and the direct exposure can be realized by pressing the hand switch; the two-level hand switch is mainly used on some large X-ray machines, and the first one is pressed to prepare for exposure, and the second one is pressed to realize the exposure. exposure.
A hand brake looks very simple, but the actual production process is quite complicated. From the preparation of various parts, to the assembly of the product, to the test of the product, it needs to go through more than a dozen production processes. China is a big manufacturing country with a complete domestic industry. The equipment and technology required for the production of products are very mature, and the domestic labor force is sufficient. In this way, the production cost of domestic hand brakes is relatively low. For export, the country has also introduced Corresponding preferential policies to encourage exports, so the price of domestic hand switchs will be cheaper.

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