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Why choose wireless hand switch?

Author:Abby    Time:3月 11, 2019

Wireless hand switch is a new type of x ray hand switch developed on the basis of wired hand switch. Although wired hand switch can choose long line, compared with wireless hand switch, it has certain limitations in distance and space. Especially for the staff of Radiology department, the wireless hand switch can be operated remotely to avoid long-term work being radiated. The function of wireless hand switch is more comprehensive, which makes the whole photographic process more complete. It is simpler and easier to operate.
Why choose wireless handbrake switch
After continuous research and development and improvement, the service life of wireless hand switch is longer and more durable than that of general hand, and the replacement frequency of hand decreases accordingly. At present, the mechanical life of the remote controller of the wireless hand switch is 1 million times, and the electrical life is 100,000 times. The mechanical life of the receiving terminal relay of the wireless hand switch is 10,000,000 times and the electrical life is 1 million times.
Why choose wireless handbrake switch

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