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What is the full configuration of the x ray hand switch?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:3月 20, 2018

Okay, now, we have shared the posts of x ray hand switch for “What is x ray hand switch and application?”, “How many types of x ray hand switch?”, “ What is the wire length of x ray hand switch?”, and “What is the cradle of x ray hand switch?”. The reader may ask we have understand the x ray hand switch application, types, wire length and cradle, then how about its configuration?

The x ray hand switch configuration (main parts) includes three main parts: hand switch handle, cradle and spring coil wire.

As for handle, it is the main distinction of the hand switch, because it can be made into one button, two buttons, three buttons etc.

As for cradle, it is also called hand switch support, it can be made hole or not according to detail application.

As for spring coil wire, the standard configuration includes 3m, 6m and 10m. 3m means use 3m straight wire make into 30cm spring coild wire, 6m means used 6m straight wire make into 60cm spring coil wire, 10m means use 10m straight wire make into 1m spring coil wire.


hand switch configuration
x ray hand switch configuration
x ray hand switch configuration length

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