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What is the exposure hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:8月 08, 2022

What is an exposure hand switch? The exposure hand switch refers to the X-ray exposure handbrake, which is connected to the X-ray machine to control exposure. It is a switch that controls the imaging of static films.
The exposure handbrake switch consists of two parts, one part is the handbrake head, and the other part is the handbrake wire, they are all white, the handbrake wire is curved, the length of the wire can be customized, usually 3 meters and 6 meters of wire.
The handbrake switch is divided into first gear, second gear and third gear. The first-grade handbrake switch is directly exposed, which is mostly used on dental X-ray machines. The switch of the second gear has two gears, the first gear is to control the exposure preparation state, and the second gear is for exposure. Compared with the second gear, the third-speed handbrake has an additional function of controlling the collimator.
In addition, the handbrake also has the difference of the wire core. A handbrake is generally two cores, one for the common terminal and one for exposure control. The second-gear handbrake is at least three-core, and the third-gear handbrake is at least four-core. Among them, due to the high price of the three-speed hand brake, the sales volume is not very high.
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