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What is the difference between the L03 hand switch and the L04 hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 06, 2018

What is the difference between the L03 hand switch and the L04 hand switch?

Some customers say that Newheek’s hand switches L03 and L04 are difficult to distinguish, making him somewhat confused. In order to better distinguish between the two, I will give a brief introduction to these two hand switches, I hope that everyone can correctly distinguish, do not make a mistake. In Newheek’s six hand brakes, the L03 and L04 are relatively close in appearance, both of which are prismatic sides, which look very textured and look more upscale than others. The difference between the two hand switches is that the L03 hand switch has a green protruding button on the side for connecting other devices for easy control, while the L04 is not. The L04 has a gray pattern on the side, which is a fake button, and It is flat, don’t think of it as L03, or you will be cheated, please pay attention to careful distinction.

difference between L03 and L04 hand switch

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