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What is a medical foot switch pedal?

Author:Abby    Time:October 26, 2018

In medical treatment, the foot switch pedal is mainly used to control the X-ray machine perspective, playing an important role. The x ray foot switch has a single-foot brake, double-foot switch pedal, Triple-foot switch pedal, one-foot control, two-foot control, multi-foot control, multi-customization.
The number of foot switch pedal determines the number of wire cores of foot switch pedal.
One foot switch pedal adopts 2 core wire.
Double foot switch pedal adopts 4 core wire.
Triple foot switch pedal adopts 4 core or 6 core wire.
The core number of the triple foot switch pedal is selected according to the customer’s choice.
The standard configuration of the foot switch pedal is RVV 0.5mm 2m *2m cable. The foot switch pedal plug also has 6.35mm audio plug, 3.5mm audio plug and DB9 serial port plug.
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