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What are the product features of the foot switch?

Author:Alina    Time:8月 01, 2019

1. The surface of the foot brake is spray-coated, which is excellent in impact resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance (180 degrees).
2. The cable lead-out part is provided with cable cable head, so the waterproof, oil-proof and anti-shock effects are outstanding.

Foot x ray controls the x ray table
3. The standard length of cable take-up length is 2 meters, M type is 0.5 square; H type is 0.75 square.
4. The built-in micro switch of the foot brake is UL, VDE, TUV, CE, CCC certified.
5, the foot brake built-in micro switch contacts are plated with 24K gold.
6, “H” type to achieve IP65 protection level.
7. All models have passed CE certification. ·
8. Obtained China Product Safety CCC Certification.

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