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What are the appearance dimensions of dual and multiple X-ray foot switch

Author:Lillian    Time:4月 29, 2021

What are the appearance dimensions of dual and multiple X-ray foot switch-ray foot switch is also called X-ray foot switch.Through the description of X-ray foot switch, friends should have their own understanding of X-ray foot switch,. In this article, we mainly come to understand some of the product characteristics of the single-link X-ray foot switch produced by our company, which is more convenient for everyone to compare and choose between products.
X-ray foot switch can be made into single, double or multiple. Regarding the appearance, we also have many styles. The first is a separate X-ray foot switch without an outer frame. The second is a X-ray foot switch with a frame. About the double and Multi-connected X-ray foot switch, some of the borders are straight, and some are curved.Customers can choose according to their preferences.
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The medical X ray foot switch controls the c armWhat is the mobile holder button

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