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Type of led push switch

Author:Glinda    Time:October 29, 2018

Led push switch is an important part of X-ray machine, which can control the X-ray machine exposure. The X-ray hand switch used in medical X-ray machine has two main modes: wired led push switch and remote led push switch device (such as infrared remote control). Wired led push switch enables medical X-ray machine to prepare and expose (i.e., emit x-rays) by manually pressing down the gear of medical X-ray machine.
led push switch
The remote led push switch device adopts the device similar to the TV remote control, which coordinates with the receiver installed on the medical X-ray machine to control the gear of the medical X-ray machine.
Both wired led push switch and wireless led push switch devices need to be customized according to the exposure sequence of different medical X-ray machines, and they cannot achieve adaptive control of the time sequence of different medical X-ray machines.
Therefore, we can recommend appropriate led push switch according to your X-ray machine type.
The X-ray machine can be exposed through led push switch, which is not limited by the mounting position of the medical X-ray machine, and can avoid the harm of X-ray to the operator.
Newheek led push switch is available in a variety of models to meet your different needs.

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