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Type of 1-step wireless reciever

Author:Abby    Time:10月 13, 2018

1-step wireless reciever is commonly used in dental clinics for dental X ray machines. Doctors can remotely manipulate exposures to take pictures, and the wireless reciever keeps the perennial dentist away from radiation damage.
Newheek has been focusing on the high user experience, in order to meet the different needs of different customers, 1-step wireless reciever also designed L05 and L06 for customers to choose.
For wireless reciever L05 and wireless reciever L06, how to choose?
L05 wireless reciever and L06 wireless reciever appearance is similar streamlined design, comfortable and concise. The different place is that the button of L06 type wireless recievers ABS plastic button, the button of L05 type wireless reciever is metal button, the button under the metal button contains LED light, you can judge whether the button is pressed or not, play a prompt role.
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