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The Japanese customer ordered a batch of hand switch

Author:Expedition    Time:3月 04, 2020

As of 9:00 a.m. local time on March 4, Japan has confirmed a total of 1,000 new cases of coronary pneumonia, resulting in 12 deaths.On the morning of March 4, yamaguchi prefecture said that a man in his 40s in the county had been diagnosed with the new coronary pneumonia.

A total of 280 cases have been confirmed among Japanese and Chinese tourists in Japan.A total of 706 cases were confirmed on the “diamond princess” cruise ship;A total of 14 cases have been confirmed among passengers returning from wuhan by chartered plane.
Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe said Tuesday Japan will announce a second set of measures around March 10 to prevent the spread of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia and limit the damage to the economy, Reuters reported.
Mr. Abe told parliament that the government would take adequate measures, including tapping its budget reserves of 270 billion yen to help small and medium-sized businesses cope with capital shortages.”We will carefully monitor developments and take measures as needed without hesitation,” Mr. Abe said.
More than 940 new cases of coronary pneumonia have been confirmed in Japan, including 705 confirmed cases from the diamond princess cruise ship docked in yokohama, Japan, according to the NHK.

Japan now needs a lot of medical equipment to diagnose and treat pneumonia patients.

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