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The hand switch can be divided into a first gear hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 24, 2020

The hand switch can be divided into a first gear hand switch, a second gear hand switch, and a third gear hand switch. I received a lot of calls from friends asking what is the difference between the first gear and the second gear.The difference is that the first-level hand switch has only one button cap and no pre-exposure button. The second-level hand switch has two button caps. When the first level is pressed, it is in the pre-exposure state, and the second level is the exposure state. The X-ray machine does not expose when the first layer button is pressed, and it is in the pre-exposure state. Release the first layer button to cancel the pre-exposure state, during which no X-rays are generated. Now we will introduce L04 type hand switch.
Overview: The newheek L04 type hand switch is a hand-held switch, with a two-level grading switch. Press the button to turn on and release it to turn off. Press the button to the first step to turn on the first step, and all press the second step to turn on. When the first gear is still connected, the hand switch is equipped with a fixed bracket.
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