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The function and purpose of the exposure hand switch used in the X-ray machine of the radiology department

Author:Lillian    Time:4月 01, 2021

The exposure hand switch plays an important role as an important part of the X-ray machine and DR equipment to control exposure. The exposure hand switch currently has 2 gears, 3 gears, and 1 gear. It is mainly used for radiology x-ray machines. Dental X-ray machine, CT inspection machine, etc., the 1st gear hand switch, press the button, the bulb emits radiation to achieve exposure; the 2nd gear hand switch, press the first gear, the bulb preheats, press the second gear, The tube radiates rays to complete the filming.
The mechanical life of the exposure hand switch is up to 20w times, and the electrical life of 40w times can fully support most x-ray machines. Our exposure hand switch adopts Omron double micro switches, which have a longer service life. It is a maintenance replacement and an X-ray machine. The best choice for manufacturers. If you also need X-ray machine exposure hand switches, please feel free to inquire and discuss cooperation. People from all walks of life are welcome to inquire and discuss supporting production, maintenance and replacement, agent trade and other matters.

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