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The foot control switch can be used on the c-arm

Author:Glinda    Time:9月 22, 2018

Foot control switch is the process of controlling dynamic perspective, which can be configured in the c-arm X-ray machine. C-arm X-ray machine is mainly used for the extraction of foreign body, cardiac catheter, implantation of pacemaker, partial interventional therapy, partial imaging and local photography.
Using a 1 megapixel CCD camera, the image is clearer. The foot control switch control allows rapid and accurate exposure. Pulsed fluoroscopy, with a small dose of radiation and a clearer image, can meet the needs of minimally invasive surgery with high accuracy and difficulty.Low radiation dose can effectively protect the safety of medical staff and patients. The unique two-foot control switch controller can be designed to control the instrument respectively in the operating room and outside, which is convenient for medical and nursing staff, and at the same time, it can reduce the chance of medical and nursing staff to contact with radiation, thus making it safer for medical and nursing staff.
Secondly, through the control of foot control switch, the double monitors can be designed in the operating room and outside to facilitate the surgeons’ free inspection in the operating room and outside, as well as the field teaching and real-time observation of the operation process. The electric support arm with the base is designed to be more safe to use. The new frame design of c-arm X-ray machine is compact and beautiful.High quality combined high frequency and high pressure X-ray generator can greatly reduce X-ray exposure.
Newheek foot control switch can meet the needs of different customers. You can also customize the foot control switch waterproof function for you.
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