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The difference between xray switch L01 and L06

Author:Abby    Time:1月 12, 2019

The difference between xray switch L01 and L06
Recently, we received an inquiry from an Australian customer asking about L06 and L01 X-ray exposure hand switch. For these two xray switch, we sent him a catalogue of products. The customer responded to the inquiry about the difference between L01 and L06. For these two xray switch, L06 is the first brake, mostly used for dental X-ray machine, L06 is the second core, L01 is the second xray switch, mostly used for large and medium-sized X-ray machine photography, exposure control, L01 has three cores and four cores, customers can customize. In addition, for the coil of the xray switch, we standard 3 meters, 6 meters, 10 meters.
We have two xray switch: L05 and L06. For two xray switch, we have three: L01, L02 and L04.
The difference between xray switch L01 and L06

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