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The composition of manual hand switch

Author:Glinda    Time:2月 28, 2019

Manual hand switch, using the omron micro switch as the element contacts will not appear oxidation phenomenon.
Secondly, the core of Newheek x ray hand switch is a 0.2-square pure copper wire. If the current is a little bit higher, it will not affect the hand brake. The outer cover of hand switch wire is made of PU material, which is corrosion resistant and has good tensile property. It will not be deformed by pulling for a long time, and it will not be as ugly as using telephone wire for a long time.
The composition of manual hand switch
Due to a lot of manual hand switch.Some failures often occur. First of all, contact oxidation will occur when the mechanical hand brake is used for a long time.Next in press first gear or 2 archives can appear the phenomenon that place of a certain gear plays not to rise.The manual hand switch will break the gear lever.The root of the three mechanical hand brake will be pulled for a long time, causing the root wire to disconnect, resulting in the phenomenon that the second gear cannot be exposed.
Because all the hand-operated hand switch wires have thin copper wire diameters and are not easy to be welded, some customers reported that the wire of the hand switch was burnt off due to the large current.
For this, our manual hand switch can basically avoid these failures.
Newheek hand switch can meet your different procurement needs.

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