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The classification of x ray hand switch

Author:Glinda    Time:11月 10, 2018

X ray hand switch is divided into one, two and three, and Newheek x ray hand switch is divided into six models: L01,L02,L03,L04,L05 and L06.
The classification of x ray hand switch
Among them, L05 and L06 type hand brake are a set of X-ray hand switch, usually suitable for dental X-ray machine. Use omron internal switch, mechanical life 1 million times, electrical life 200,000 times.
Do you know the two x ray hand switch?The most widely used two-level X-ray hand switch is Newheek L01,L02 and L04. The two-step X-ray hand switch is set with a two-step grading switch. Press the button to the first step for connection, and all the two-step switches are pressed for connection. At this time, the one-step switch is still on
Our x ray hand switch has a mounting bracket.
The advantages of Newheek’s two sets of X-ray hand switch include:
1. The OMRON micro-switch is adopted as the key component inside the product
2. Two-step stage design, one-step preparation, and two-step exposure
3. The switch adopts double key and double open design to improve service life
4. The length of switch cable is optional, and the core is optional
5. Avoid oxidation of switch contacts
6. Rated parameters: AC125V 3A, DC30V 2A
7. Service life: mechanical life of 1 million times and electrical life of 200,000 times
8. Material of switch shell: ABS engineering plastics, impact resistance, aging resistance, transmission structure material: PC transparent plastics, high wear resistance.
classification of x ray hand switch
Newheek also has three x ray hand switch, and L03 x ray hand switch is three x ray hand switch with three buttons. The spring line of three x ray hand switch has 3 meters 3 cores, 3 meters 4 cores, 6 meters 3 cores, 6 meters 4 cores, 6 meters 6 cores, and 10 meters 3 cores.
The length of the Newheek x ray hand switch is also customizable as required.

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