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The cable length of the handswitch can affect the use

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:8月 16, 2022

The commonly used hand switch lines for X-ray exposure are 3 meters and 6 meters of spring lines, and there is not much difference in controlling the exposure of X-ray machines. Some customers think that the longer the hand brake line, the better, and the X-ray radiation can be minimized, but if Too long handbrake cable may cause delay and weakening of signal transmission, and it is inconvenient to operate if the handbrake cable is too long. Therefore, it is recommended to choose wireless exposure handbrake for remote control exposure.
Ordinary X-ray machine console exposure handbrakes are two-speed handbrakes, one for preparation and the other for exposure. The two-speed handbrake design can better control the exposure to be successful only under the operator’s conscious exposure conditions, preventing the DRX machine from exposing rays due to misoperation.
In addition to the two-speed handbrake, Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also provides one-gear handbrake switch, three-gear handbrake switch and wireless remote control handbrake switch, which can provide X-ray machine production support and X-ray machine exposure handbrake maintenance replace. If you need X-ray exposure handswitch, please call for consultation.

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