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Technical parameters and instructions for wireless exposure hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:6月 01, 2021

One. Technical parameters of wireless exposure hand switch:
Transmitter of wireless exposure hand switch (remote control)
Remote control transmission frequency 315-433MHZ (customizable)
It is powered by DC/9V battery.
Two-button control, exposure button and reset button.
The receiving end can receive the correct trigger signal after the key is long pressed for 0.5 seconds. To prevent misoperation.
The receiving end of the wireless exposure hand brake switch (wireless controller)
1: Input voltage: DC 9-20V.
2: Control mode: a. Jog mode b. Delay mode
3: The adjustable range of the delay time of the two channels is 1-9 seconds;
4: Relay output contacts can be selected normally open or normally closed, and its output power: 250VAC/5A 30VDC/5A;
5: Remote control receiving frequency band 315MHZ or 433MHZ, can be customized;
two. Instructions for use of wireless exposure hand switch:
1. Delay function:
Press the “Exposure” button, the delay starts, and the automatic exposure operation of the X-ray machine is completed within the set time. When the exposure is completed, the buzzer emits intermittent beeps (one time at an interval of 1S), that is, the exposure is over, press the remote control “Reset” button (Beeping stops), proceed to the next exposure operation. During the delay, press the “reset” button to cancel the exposure operation.
The functional characteristics of the radio exposure hand brake: suitable for long-distance exposure control and avoid X-ray radiation.
2. Jog function:
Press and hold the “Exposure” button, and the X-ray machine exposure operation will be completed within the set time. When the exposure is over, the buzzer will beep intermittently (once every 1S). Press the “reset” key (stop beeping) for the next exposure operation. Release the “Exposure” key to cancel the exposure operation at any time.
The functional characteristics of the radio exposure hand brake: It is suitable for short-range exposure operation, and can end the X-ray machine exposure operation at any time.
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