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Taiwan customer ordered two hand switches for medical equipment

Author:Lillian    Time:10月 19, 2021

We received an inquiry from a customer from Taiwan. The customer needs to buy two hand switches for medical equipment use. The customer is a medical company that does not sell hand switch switches and would like to add hand switch switches to the company’s medical equipment. The customer requires the hand switch to be normally on, and the button is open after the button is pressed. The button needs to be a self-returning button. The customer has one hand switch purchased from another company, and then purchase two from our company for comparison and testing. One is better.
Ask the customer how many levels of switch the hand switch and the number of cores, the customer said they want a two-core hand switch, ask the customer whether the hand switch is equipped with a connector, the customer said that it can be equipped with the type of picture sent or to Recommend one. Because the connector needs to be matched with the socket on the machine, it cannot be provided to the customer at will. Because the customer’s specific equipment is not clear, the customer is still configured according to the RJ45 connector box socket. The length of the hand switch line is defaulted by the company. The length of the cable is three meters or six meters, and the customer is equipped with a six-meter line. The customer expressed satisfaction and placed a customized order. The warehouse will arrange delivery within three days.
If you have a friend who needs a hand switch, please come to consult and order.

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