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Switch ray material

Author:Glinda    Time:4月 29, 2019

The X-ray hand switch, whose structure is shown in the figure, is often used as the start button for photographic exposure. According to the X-ray machine exposure control mode.
Switch ray material
Single switch ray has a pair of normally open contacts. When the button cap is pressed, the contacts are connected and the circuit is closed. Release the button contacts and cut off the circuit. Double gear switch ray has two pairs of normally open contacts with different stroke. The two pairs of normally open contacts are divided into two gears for controlling the two circuits. When the first gear is pressed, the X-ray machine photography preparation circuit is switched on. Release the hand switch to cut off the above circuit.
Some early small X-ray machines did not use hand switches, but instead used hand timers to switch on or off high voltage control circuits.
Newheek recommends the right switch ray for your X-ray machine.
Our switch ray can also replace philips and other brands.

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