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Suitable for foot switchs on fluoroscopy machines.

Author:Yevette    Time:5月 16, 2019

Foot X ray for gastrointestinal machine

Medical foot switches can be used to control the perspective exposure control of different X-ray machines. Step on the foot switch to emit X-rays, lift your feet, and the X-ray ends.

When using pulsed fluoroscopy, the dose of radiation is small and the image is sharper. The unique dual X-ray foot switch design allows medical personnel to control the instrument outside the operating room, reducing the chance of medical personnel touching the radiation, so as to avoid unnecessary radiation from X-rays to medical staff and safer for medical staff. The medical foot switch controls the X-ray accurately, the exposure is fast, and the radiation dose is low, which can effectively protect the safety of the medical staff and the patient.

Medical foot is used for mammography

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