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Structure and type of ray switch

Author:Abby    Time:2月 16, 2019

Structure and type of ray switch
Newheek’s x ray foot switch is used in the medical field. The ray switch is used to control X-ray machine for medical diagnosis. It is easy to operate and use. The pedal switch is made of flame retardant, strong, chemical resistant engineering plastics and medical thiomersal. The ray switch is split, easy to duplex or multi-joint. The KACON/OMRON micro-switch and gold alloy contacts are used in the interior. It is sealed in the outer shell to ensure water-proof, dust-proof, oil-proof IP68 (IEC/EN60529), mechanical life of more than 30,000,000, and electrical life of more than 200,000 times. The pedal switch is a medical ray switch, which is used for medical diagnosis of X-ray machine and is also convenient for use in rainy and humid areas.Structure and type of ray switch

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