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Single pole switch controls the dental panoramic X-ray machine

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 06, 2018

Single pole switch is divided into one-step, two-steps, and three-steps. Usually, a single pole switch is used to control dental X-ray exposure. The operation of the panoramic oral X-ray machine is simple. Only the power switch of the panoramic oral X-ray machine equipment should be turned on, the exposure program should be selected, the adult or children mode should be selected, the CCD should be checked whether it is in the correct position, and the corresponding patient positioning device should be replaced or removed.
Select the appropriate exposure condition (KV or mA value) on the machine based on the patient’s body size. Adjust the height of the panoramic X-ray machine in the mouth, instruct the patient to take off the object needed to tell the patient how to stand and what should be paid attention to, and guide the patient into the machine. Press the single pole switch to start the exposure. After 8 seconds of standby and 1-2 seconds, release the single pole switch to end the exposure and complete the oral photography. Finally, the patient was guided to leave the panoramic X-ray machine and reset the machine.
Newheek single pole switch can be custom coil length, crystal head or air connector.The single pole switch configuration of the oral panoramic X-ray machine not only enables rapid and accurate exposure and radiology, but also helps doctors keep away from radiation.
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