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Single and multiple X-ray foot switches are suitable for X-ray machines

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:12月 12, 2020

Single and multiple X-ray foot switches
X-ray foot switches are made of fire-retardant, reinforced and chemical-resistant engineering plastics, and medical disinfectant can be cleaned with peace of mind. The X-ray foot switch split structure can be conveniently combined into double or multiple positions.
X-ray foot switch: It is a foot switch designed to facilitate the operator to operate the machine to control the X-ray to stop when doing X-ray fluoros copy. It can be called a foot switch. The working process of its structure is that when the shell of the pedal sinks under the action of the inside, the contacts are contacted and closed to connect the circuit and the circuit is energized to generate X-rays. When the shell of the pedal is released, the contact is broken due to the action of the spring. Open the contact to disconnect the circuit and stop generating X-rays.
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