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Shenzhen Hongju Electronic Inquiry handswitch (L06)

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:9月 02, 2022

On August 23, Shenzhen Hongju Electronics inquired about L06 handswitch, the use of dental instruments. After adding WeChat, the information of our self-produced L06A handbrake was sent to the customer. The customer’s usage is temporarily uncertain, so I asked the customer’s contact information and address to quote him the price. The customer asked about our company name and what products the company mainly deals in. The customer is in the stage of developing new products and wants us to provide specifications, and then send the specifications of L01 to him. After that, the customer asked whether these products have safety certification and whether they have patents, and sent him our test report and certificate. On August 26, the customer asked if he could help add connectors to make it into a finished product. He replied that he could, and quoted the price. The customer said that it was sent to his customers and reported to them first.
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